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Sunday, 07 September 2014

Sidekick There Action Justin Guarini Figure Does Come

Sigh or that all speech may be free but not all speech is protected. Sidekick is there an action figure does it come with a gun pick a name cindy, or we ll have to give you one. those items include an extradition trip to alaska where deputies stayed at a fishing resort and training trips to disneyland. and puh-leeze bubbles, he pulled out napolitano because he a right wing hack flamethrower getting paid to do a job, just Justin Guarini like wayne. that ,s rich, coming from the biggest thread derailer that there is.


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Tuesday, 02 September 2014

Firstly Uneducated Robert Redford Untrustworthy

Note the scribal tendencies at play over the centuries. firstly due to the uneducated and untrustworthy nature of the zanu pf idiots and secondly this is classified information thirdly to hell with you. 4mm is our tax dollars you seem to refer to the 16,000 vineyard residents only. pls read the global news to open up your eyes and widen your view. Us uk eu japan follow by singapore have been battling for the last 5 years to push its bank lowest interest rateto stimulate weak Robert Redford economy economy and artificially to support housing market.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Here Zone Contact Christiane Amanpour Rates Since

I had asked what happened to the good will work on it and reach out to south south, middle belt and north west instead of antagonising future allies. here are his (in the zone) contact rates since 2009 79. Uh-hu, she just married some guy way back when and everything else just fell into place. Christiane Amanpour A avarice) is considered a sin in the bible. China colonizes tibet, turkey colonizes n cyprus, and all you can talk about is the jewish state, who has returned 93% of theterritory taken in 1967.


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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Would Tim Tebow Have Holster Stuffed

But since this post, i actually found a product that works pretty well as a solution they sell these little charcoal bricks that attach themselves to the lid of your trash can and absorb odors. no, it would have to be in a holster or stuffed in a waistband or perhaps sticking out of the top of a thigh high leather boot. we re ultimately responsible for our own tread on the earth, using the guidance of the church and its hierarchy with Tim Tebow the discrimination grace grants us to understand and act. the very systen he has bragged about improving. david green isn ,t infringing on any rights.


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Saturday, 09 August 2014

Defended Himself Girls Adrianne Palicki Jumped

Should white south africans then not support bafana or caster simply because they are black it therefore looks as if div is moving in very racist cirlces. he defended himself, and his girls jumped in, got their asses beat, and he tried to defend them too. how the hell does that work, twinkletits. ye remember that i spake unto you, and said that when the words of isaiah should be fulfilled (isaiah chapter 29 testifies of the coming forth of the book of mormon out of the ground) behold they are written, ye have them before you, therefore search them 12. Is peter foster to much of a money grubber to be taken seriously the bottom of the heap has always resented Adrianne Palicki the top of the heap, even in america, but such rising inequalities means that previously prosperous middle classes are starting to question whether the elite that mr romney offers a chance for them to share in the same american dream as they do.


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Tuesday, 05 August 2014

Research Engineering Joe Mauer Completes Fast Months

The media isn t the problem, it the candidate that the problem. research engineering completes too fast, Joe Mauer months go by too quickly without much happening, and playing beyond day 300 (or even 250ish, really) is just artificially dragging the game out. chimpanzee ual behaviour is more related to dominance. gd really knows how to convey his feelings towards music. i don t think you can blame any group for the fiasco on friday.


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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Forced Into This Straight Lenny Kravitz Nautical

5 lb trigger pull is standard, but itwas used and could have beenmodified. you are forced into this straight (nautical reference) because you likely hold to a supremacy-of-the-modern-period commonplace, which is an over-emphasis of the current period made by those that doubt the veracity of claims for the eternal existence of the soul and ,s promise of salvation, and that therefore are forced to assume this life is all that there is. so sudden, a gloomy silence filled the air, yet too soon mourning his untimely, pronounced death. Lenny Kravitz the only difference is that the left wants to control our private economies while the right wants to control our private behaviour. didn t punk punch a fan a few weeks back so your darling is childish.


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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Games Gwyneth Paltrow Look Like Crap Proven That

Repeat what you wrote out loud to yourself. cod games do not look like crap, i proven that by Gwyneth Paltrow picking tons of worse looking games. thank you for proving my point. by the way, could you kindly enlighten me with your abbreviated symbolic name here so that the conversation become more free and meaningful. Tweet wasn t libelous, nor was it defamatory.


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Friday, 04 July 2014

Powell Sanaa Lathan Sees Through Bull Crap

You need to start addressing the real issue and that is mentally ill people not taking their meds. Powell sees through the bull crap. could one of you lib-tards please explain the legal tax code definition of working class please present your knowledge of class assignment so Sanaa Lathan i can see just how well i ,m doing. and is also why the argument boils down to who can implement their tech first which you told me was incorrect. ss is unsustainable and a pie in the sky.


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Monday, 30 June 2014

Hate Obama Molly Sims Guts Host Reasons Like

I wrote too a mail and no response, sniff last time, i like too much your blog and this list will be similar than mine. i hate obama guts for a host of reasons but like everybody else in the scatosphere of politics in this country, he is bought and paid for by aipac and the federal reserve bank. if you raise the price of strawberries too much, who would buy it in the supermarket only the rich. you may also want to hang on a while for the review of the hanvon 12in sentip. Molly Sims it is of course right that the rules governing drink-driving should be particularly stringent.


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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Trillion Dollars Hillary Scott Worth Stimulus

Of course that is not very objective and ever author will judge the value he create Hillary Scott to be in the top ranks. 11 trillion dollars worth of a stimulus to the wealthy would create job after job. so nintendo would of gone and found an empty shop lol. You don tsupporta president with limited powers. x-mouse nelkul viszont megvagyok -).


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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Victim Friendly Jacob Lusk Nation Ambassador Some

Sensitivity to perfume is very much like that to cigarette smoke - the smoker loses sensitivity to the smell and effects, but the people around them haven t and can t control when where they Jacob Lusk might be exposed to it. the victim a friendly nation ambassador and some other us officials who were hanging out with him. no fees, it takes two seconds to do an e-appraisal. la mariguana es menos da ina que el alcohol o el cigarro. Sellers have to think bigger if they are going to change the way retail works from the inside, he says see, that exactly the kind of thing i m trying to avoid.


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Friday, 28 February 2014

Clearly Dave Matthews Wildly Overrepresented

She is excellent at self-promotion and search engine optimization, but that about it. and j e w are clearly wildly over-represented in us and global markets and politics. first, i provided teachers the opportunity to explore and implement an area of interest but it had to be in the area of education technology. our highball woes - i Dave Matthews don t know if it an eye hand problem or a brain heart problem. Dang- i thought this was gonna be about caveman, the ringo starr movie.


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Monday, 17 February 2014

Actually Value Racing Emmanuelle Chriqui Many

Just like in case of sir i ll tell you what to do - go to the loo, spit, and flush those irrelevant thoughts yes, those irrelevant thoughts about irrelevant people must go down the drain only cheer up man come, let meet up and flush some scum out Emmanuelle Chriqui of this earth. and actually pay for the value of the racing many in america these days it seems doesn t want to pay in. sadly, the nemo overlay on theexteriorisatrocious. You now imply that i am cherry picking that which backs up my argument. dunno but his plastic surgery is showing.


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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Gathers Cheryl Tiegs Thousands Plazas Parks Anywhere

Also asos curve line goes from a uk size 18, but the models are always about a uk 14. it gathers thousands in plazas and parks anywhere where a tv is showing a game. the browns managed Cheryl Tiegs just 250 yards themselves, but a touchdown from rookie running back trent richardson made the difference. Easy apple crisp 6 large granny smith or macintosh apples 1 stick butter 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup sugar. I diasagree with your assertion that all tests have a significant amount of false positives.


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Sunday, 02 February 2014

0bama Counting Mitt Being Bette Midler Competition

We can t afford 2 more years like the last two without representation in lansing. 0bama was counting on mitt being the competition, as evidenced by his msm pushing romney as electable over the other candidates. the wrestle of rom 7 was not the condition of adam and eve prior to sin, they could not say like paul i am carnal, sold under sin sin that dwelleth in me, these are clearly foreign to Bette Midler gen 1v26-31 isa 45v18. Those jurors should be given the medal of honor and the purple heart. I doo want to saymusicxray as taken me higher when i taught their was no hope, i beleave in musicxray, i trulybeleave because of music i will reach the top,thank you musicxray for all you have been doing for me.


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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Like Emily Maynard Federal Government

Poseur alert you posted last week and i was unable to respond to your $@% Emily Maynard comment and expose you. . it a bit like the federal government, in miniature. against some very mediocre teams. it time obama answers some questions about fast and furious, his destruction of the borders and his malfeasance in enforcing our laws, which has resulted in real murders.


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Monday, 27 January 2014

Boost Taxes Maybe Claire Danes Type Folk That

This beeyotch is out of her mind if she expects anyone to feel sorry for her. a boost to taxes maybe, the the type of folk that purchase these will all be snowbirds in the winter. one can only hope that they further their stance and, in 100 years, all die out. no rational business plan Claire Danes for expansion can be contemplated let alone executed unless labor costs can be predicted, something that this law and subsequent judicial review has made impossible. if you can t see that there is a problem then you are part of the problem.


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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Video Dotly Barbra Streisand Eotlr5 Transcript Earlier

I wish rove would dissect the polls to show that the polls romney and obama are even in are heavily skewed, sample-wise, to the democrats. video (dot)ly eotlr5 transcript 00 52 Barbra Streisand earlier on, a member of super junior 00 54 while attending an event (concert) in shanghai 00 56 was hit by something thrown onto the stage 00 57 actually he had experiences like that before as well 01 00 last time 01 01 i also had experience of objects being thrown onto the stage 01 03 but luckily, it did not hit me 01 05 but now, it doesn t matter anymore. pero esto esta mucho mejor, funciona casi como el caparazon azul del n64 (si no lo lanzabas nunca duraba toda la carrera y proteg a al piloto de ataques adem de causar da o a los que sobrepasara, lanzarlo solamente alcanzaba y golpeaba al que iba de primero y nada mas). instead, tim geithner, obama treasury secretary and larry summers obama chief economist came up with various excuses why bac should have been preserved. 6) i probably won t convince anyone on this board, but, i can only try my best to inform.


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Friday, 03 January 2014

Deal With Natural Laws Natalee Holloway Sense

The question is what options should be available to the Natalee Holloway homeowner or shop owner in dealing with the situation. we do not deal with natural laws in the sense of government. that level of paranoia does a disservice to healthy relationships between men and women but i m curious what you think of the following points 1. Etc i think you don t see that jr puts up with that garbage. i am a big chicken when it comes to driving in a strange place.


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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Masked Katherine Jenkins Identity About Years

In answer to my own previous question about why wnd publishes massie because wnd loves all obama-haters, no matter how deranged. I ve masked my identity for about 10 years now, ever since my first photo drivers license. i wonder who rocking that chain they prolly gave that cheap ish to charity. bailey english dictionary, gehenna is defined to be a place in the valley of the tribe of benjamin, terrible for two sorts of fire in it, that wherein the israelites sacrificed their children to the idol moloch, and also another kept continually burning to consume the dead carcasses and filth of jerusalem. farah also ignores the fact that wnd, through jerome corsi and also through raising money for the posse, has been credibly accused of inappropriately influencing the posse to reach a predetermined conclusion and deliberately ignoring evidence that contradicted that conclusion, such as the work of Katherine Jenkins john woodman.


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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

When Hell Going Jackson Rathbone Start Protesting

In the 1990s, mitt romney told the log cabin republicans that he d be better than ted kennedy on Jackson Rathbone gay rights. when the hell are we going to start protesting. what the point of wringing hands and being in despair about how to stimulate economic activity in britain, if you won t even do this. hadn t seen a shipping container story in at least two weeks ). he has words but absolutely no idea.


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Thursday, 05 December 2013

Your Apartment Average Costs More R. Kelly Than

Not mine but my dads, he still wears his R. Kelly nofx mons-tour shirt from 1994. your apartment, on average, costs more than it would anywhere (except london). Yes, dt, americans like guns and canadians like kokanee. Playing wow always made me feel a little dirty. And lobsters is there nopewon t ever watch this show.


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Tuesday, 03 December 2013

Busting Your Balls Eddie Griffin Just

Lol fed will be done before the bernank leaves, imo i will use a crashed helicopter, once inflation gets too hot ) the conspiracy theorist inside me thinks bullard is posturing to be the next fed chief, that is why he is Eddie Griffin opposing qe, even though he was the poster child for qe2. not busting your balls, i just don t see it. h on 60 min is threatening to break here on good news (for bonds). also you know you do meth all the time 2. still use my little paper notebook for prayers organized by the day of the week.


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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Know Aaron Rodgers Word Choices Sentence Structure

Props 2) dinglebarry added over 5 tril to the debt in 3 years and now he saying who are you gonna believe. you know, word choices, sentence structure, timezone. now citizens have to protect ourselves from government idiots in office like you-. Aaron Rodgers if you don t toe the line, you get threats and intimidation. C 105 1 song on the american country countdown blown away two weeks @ 1 ) had a feeling it was going to be 1 again ) thanx to all who helped me on a couple days i was not able to do the clubs.


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Favouritism Begets Nicole Richie Ever More Same

At least to him, but everybody believes it if he genuinely wants growth, the generating capacity should be growing, fast, and green taxes should be scrapped, reduce energy prices which follows on from reduced green taxes and stop regulating, it does not work. favouritism begets ever more of the same. buses are known to be several times cheaper than rail, though rail is far and away the most expensive way to move people except in densely-populated urban areas. can t Nicole Richie drink, smoke, eat a fucking croissant the way you like it with out some wack ass law popping up. that makes him a prostitute as far as i m concerned.


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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Stretch Games Melanie Griffith Which Tallied

Oh wait, you are doing this as an adult. he had a stretch of 11 games in which he tallied 10 triple doubles. Apple imacs are probably the very worst desktops available in terms of updatability. Allen - two, because nobody could stay in front of him and the illegal defense rules were way stricter. A carwash job or something along those lines perhaps but you should not Melanie Griffith be entrusted with running a country.


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Saturday, 09 November 2013

That Paula Patton Said That

But once the swim bladder exists it really is a new adjacent possible empty ecological niche. but i don t see that you ve said that at all, only that taking drugs can be i assume blood transfusions are in a different risk category not zero risk, obviously, but fairly low, assuming relatively reliable blood Paula Patton screening i m not sure i can get past the risk factor, exactly, even if it not very high- because the practice just doesn t sound that safe to me. at least part of the explanation nuclei exist too and may not be autonomous. it will be sad indeed if the web turns into just another tv outlet, which is where it increasingly seems headed. both are lessons in perseverance.


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Sunday, 06 October 2013

Women Will Ultimately Switch Places Ryan Cabrera With

Pigments and formulas are tested and matched with original when possible and if not, as you indicate, non-permanent paint used to fill in but can be removed. women will ultimately switch places with us men, so we men better find more productive ways Ryan Cabrera to reinforce our manhood, than dominance for the sake of dominance. part of western and central ma saw as much as 3 ft which wasn t as much as denver but when the storm knocks out the power to several hundred thousand households, it quite a story. which is exactly why biden world is the real world. i think he was only 50 or so when he died.


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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Enough Minnie Driver Said Honor Serve Thanks

6) moscow started the bay of pigs by sending nukes to cuba, america reacted. enough said, it an honor to serve you thanks for the suggestion to try out folders. this is, truly, a work of art among the junk on z0r. Minnie Driver they aim for what i ll call the highest common denominator. Jalil jan and qudratullah rahmat, your protests are duly noted.


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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Instead Pointing That Dania Ramirez Lied About

1- from apple import layered adobe photoshop graphics. instead of pointing out that she lied about the costs of contraceptives and the difficulty in finding them, he called her names. i can t wait to vote fordemocratsfor the next decade at least. where are you living if you feel comfortable please contact me on khanj000@yahoo or can call me 03218234296. most of the nutrients (nitrogen Dania Ramirez and phosphorus) in human waste are contained in the urine.


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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tyler Actually Alice Cooper Does Work Into

He also uses the softening power of michelle to tamp down criticism toward himself. Tyler actually does put a lot of work into rounding up all of these apps for appsgonefree. so, his policies are no different than pres. other laptops are far more durable, Alice Cooper can have far better performance, much better reliability, more secure, far easier to do repairs (if needed) and far better customer care services. Tyler would surely take issue with me for saying this, but, it was his own desire to live, not a , as he says.


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Sunday, 08 September 2013

Ipon Muna Money Para Lauryn Hill Pambili

All of photo was so cool, gd our leader damn so hot. ipon muna money para may pambili. though you could flip it, and then the life of a human becomes as worthless as that of an insect. Lauryn Hill but there is a big difference in belching up blood and having blood excrete from a cut in the mouth. Eyevabigun, even though you said our trainwreck was fun to read.


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Tuesday, 03 September 2013

Background Noise Aimee Teegarden Horrendous

Many, like myself are retired (i an engineer) and see the injustice. the background noise was horrendous, i can t imagine working in an environment like that, much less being able to think. you will then have 18 months to decide when and how many points you want to transfer to your airline of choice. if you pay too much attention to the top 20 or top 40 music charts, you ll end up committing suicide (even though awesome indie music does exist. you indignantly ask her do you Aimee Teegarden realise that buying that ice cream, no matter how tasty it is.


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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mean Kid Cudi Only Best Workplace Sitcoms

And i consider libya to be deeply connected with syria. i mean, it only one of the best workplace sitcoms Kid Cudi ever made, so you re not missing much. it will be many of the outside factions, trying to get with whoever they see as next. i hope the interest does wane pretty quickly and libyans are allowed to get on with the work ahead of them and the lives they can now resume, take up from where they were disrupted, mourn their dead, heal some of their many kinds of wounds, and continue building a better a much better future for themselves. pretty disturbing stuff, sanshiro.


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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Generally Kind Weird Will Arnett Obsessive

Or, as one critical thinker commented on amazon reviews of the tome you have to drop acid to like Will Arnett this book. she was generally kind of weird and obsessive. at least it was a victory for pro-lifers who don t give a hoot about born people. texting, being tired, being distracted, or simply not knowing how to drive aren t accidents any more than drinking and driving is an accident. still, in many places, there is a watershortage, which is why i advocate fortress north america with zero new immigrants - they will keep flooding in here for lack of water over there (middle-east, africa, etc.


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Kaylon Nice Game Lucy Hale Though

Tell me your favourite registered charity and i ll donate the usual amount. kaylon had a Lucy Hale nice game, though. he has since then restricted himself to grandstanding over the nato meeting, this nonsense, and so on. that will do far more for turkey and its standing in the world than war. From different laptops, different houses, different ips.


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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Shoot Randy Jackson This Many Next Game Will

Waterproof ponchos and boots are a good idea. if we shoot this many 3 in the next game we will get killed, like we usually do. i ve got several friends Randy Jackson who could back that up. Ologundudu emmanuel or ologunpupa, you should substantiate your allegation against the new ig as being being a manufacturer of most of the problems in the force with facts. Talisker has owned canyons for a little over two years.


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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Taking Time Things Jennie Finch Right Make Guys

They don t take coins at all. Taking the time to do things right, to make guys understand that real success must be earned achieved at each level (instead of pushing guys through based on potential or age). while chrome is very good Jennie Finch and has some nice features, including its web store, to me, it still looks a bit plain, as with most google applications. entertaining bass drumming though, and sugary guitar harmonies. that more profit for microsoft.


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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Must Check Courtney Love Todays Weather There

I srlsy dont think it the fans though. must check todays weather there. When the bed is empty so is the sleep. Courtney Love some of you guys are so vivid in your make believe. these kids deserve a fighting chance.


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Monday, 08 July 2013

Seriously Rory Really Paul Giamatti Young Axis

No army service, fine, no government jobs. but, seriously, rory he really is a young axis but after reed, i don t think he ll be so much of a lady man. you re gonna have axis in knots. itoshandisa mari yacho upedze kuvaka musha netuck shop yove nhaka yevana. can t can Paul Giamatti a mayor yes we can campaign drives us farther over the edge of no return.


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Thursday, 04 July 2013

Second Part Your Question Amanda Bynes There

I ve been thinking through, why this page has had so much impact. as for the second part of your question, there isnt a regular ex-gay therapy. i haven t read coraline, but greatly enjoyed that movie. read more about the latest version of kikin on the company blog, Amanda Bynes found here. Adeye, i know your heart is heavy, but i think we should first of all praise , because this little girl has a family hallelujah after all, that is the reason people were opening their hearts (and wallets) for her, right next, i want to remind people that teri lynn was the face that you were seeing, but her story matches so many other orphans out there.


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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Course Vatican Muammar Gaddafi Also Very Well

If the city finds itself embroiled in an investigation and a lawsuit that potentially could cost millions are you still going be defending dr. of course the vatican also did very well out of the lateran pacts, getting privileges, immunities and tax exemptions which it still enjoys today. @tmobley thanks for sharing that question the key here is figuring out how much a new customer would spend, and comparing that to how much an existing customer Muammar Gaddafi would spend over a 2 year contract. people, it not about environmentalism, it a strategy to cripple our capabilities and destroy american exceptionalism. crimson would come out of morgan, challenge james storm (who i think will win the title), but has to go through jeff.


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Monday, 10 June 2013

Mollie Digging Through Will Ferrell Archives

When we adopted bebe, someone said, you guys are crazy. Mollie, are you digging through all the archives or something ha ha. it rather slow, too, but i understand this is still a beta. ________________________________ from disqus to without_hate@yahoo sent tuesday, december 20, 2011 8 35 am subject mediaite re eric holder tells ny times he taking hits for obama because we re both african american disqus generic email template gorgegirl wrote, in response to without_hate during the bush administration wide Will Ferrell receiver, over 400 assault rifles made their way into mexico and never came back. if you want to play you re going to have to go to your blog that only 3 equally uninformed people read.


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Wednesday, 05 June 2013

Please Krysten Ritter Yourself When Loved Ones

Data) and therefore they make more money. Please ask yourself, when i or my loved ones become homeless and lose access to healthcare, when education becomes so dismal that my children can barely read or write, when our comunities become so impoverished that criminal activity is the number one economic market that rules my streets, can i still in good faith support my president since he is black community work is vital, but we have enough sense to understand we should be doing that regardless. so i made a list of questions and decided on the monday Krysten Ritter to call my own council hmo licensing team, who i work closely with and get the definitve definition from guys i have known for years and go for a pint with. Crayon is now html 5 valid, expect 1. homeys to play and hangout with each day.


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Monday, 03 June 2013

Abbas Mahmoud JaVale McGee Aqqad Former Professor

This does not happen to regular girls. abbas mahmoud al aqqad, former professor at the distinguished islamic university, al azhar al sharif, advised muslims to stay away from this false gospel, because according to him and the facts of the case, it destroys islam as much, if not more, than it attacks christianity. the government does not earn any money. but i think we should definitely use it for stuff. response i JaVale McGee deserve only the benefits for which i can pay.


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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Would They Flo Rida Ever Because Being Able

Natamllc, i hate to break it to you but it is your camp that changes and perverts scripture to your device and demise. nor would they ever be, because being able to operate traffic lights and someone life support system from your facebook account would be Flo Rida the worst idea in the world. i expect you not only came away from our conversation with serious misgivings you came into the conversation with a deleterious point of view. doesn t it say something that even planned parenthood, the leading abortion chain in america, tries to downplay their role in ending the lives of unborn children someone feeling a little guilty. jihad is of various kinds, with one self, one wealth, by making du`a, by teaching and guiding, by helping to do good in any way.


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Monday, 06 May 2013

Email Backlog Hasn Mickey Rourke Arrived Just

We ll see how it all plays out. My email backlog hasn t arrived just yet. and they re a little scrunched. it would also be interesting to learn more about lily and james, as well as a younger snape, dumbledore, hagrid, etc. Khudi ko kar Mickey Rourke buland itna, ke khuda tumse pooche bata teri arzoo kya hai.


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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Welcome Wrong Matthew Bomer Personally

She doesnt just take the crown she has to listen to the lords beg her to become queen. you re welcome to say he wrong, but personally, i take his word over all others. our efforts so far, i think most people will agree, have been abysmal. i have heard lots of Matthew Bomer talk, but we need some action on resolutions to these and other real problems before it can truly serve as a replacement for lmr. i m just going to start hunting down people psns now to gather them for some cooperative play or competitive play, maybe we ll be able to find a game where we can do a sort of siliconera tournament elimination round of some sort.


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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Grabe Starting Wonder Anything Brittany Murphy Good

Yay thanks and good luck and even if you won ,t win this giveaway, punta ka pa din. Grabe noh i m starting to wonder if anything good i heard globe tattoo horrible, and that smart bro okay (depending on where you are). just to unwind and restnrileks. the tile function of the screen replaces the icon displays seen on the iphone and the android with living breathing tiles. i m mobile right now so can t provide a link, i believe gawker had more info Brittany Murphy on this on friday.


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